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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Peter's Picture of the Day

The Flooded Dock on the Great Lawn

Weight: 246 pounds
Listening to: Little Sister by Queens of the Stone Age

Time, time, time/See what’s become of me. I think that’s what the Bangles sang on Hazy Shade of Winter. Time is what’s keeping Marie and I apart, however in the last two weeks, she gave me two astounding blowjobs.

Now I’m assuring her that I want more than that. She goes through these phases when our time gets crunched that she thinks all I want is oral sex. Now, I’m happy to get it, but that’s not the only thing I want. Her pussy is wet, tight and hot and I’d like to have some of that soon. Again, time is the enemy now.

I suggested that, with our limited time, I could perform on her, too, but she won’t allow that. Early in our relationship, she let me do it and enjoyed it. Gradually she made me stop because she thinks her husband should be good at something and that would be the thing. I respected the decision, even though I missed tasting her pussy. She gets sweeter when she cums and enjoy the difference in tastes.

That is not to say that I have not found a way around it. Sometimes when we’re fucking, I’ll finger her enough to collect some of the moisture and taste her cum that way. These days, though, she’s only tasting my cum. The last time we were together at her house, I stood up and made her jack me off into her mouth. Fuck, what a turn on. She sucked me until I got close, then she starting stroking me hard and fast, begging for me to cum in her mouth.

It didn’t take long. I watched in amazement was the long blasts of semen shot from the head of my cock onto her face and into her mouth. She held it there and continued to pump until my knees buckled. Then she made sure to show me how much cum was in her mouth before she swallowed.

I stayed rock hard.

After I collapsed on the couch, she kind of curled up next to me and started rubbing her tits, amazed that she didn’t catch all of it. She rubbing some into her nipples then discovered more in her hair. Then she said to me as I was getting dressed to leave, “Lucky I’m a cumslut.”

Lucky for me anyway.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Peter's Picture of the Day

Two benches on the flooded Great Lawn

Weight: 247 pounds
Listening to: The Payback by James Brown

Well, my city is starting to flood. No, that’s not quite accurate. The river that my city hugs is flooding. Nothing huge, I guess. The experts expect a crest at 5 to 10 feet above flood stage. But as you can see in the picture of the day, the Great Lawn is already getting hit. Those park benches usually sit on a sidewalk looking out onto an immense patch of grass labeled the Great Lawn. It’s home to pick up football or baseball, rather like the National Mall in Washington, DC. What a kick that was when I first saw it: guys in suits playing baseball in the shadow of the Washington Monument. We have that here now. Sorta. Not people in suits, but it did attract people back into downtown.

Then again, it’s been an odd week. The other day, She Who Must Be Obeyed had popped in a DVD (after hours, of course) and she and I were suddenly and unexpectedly (on my part) watching people fuck. I was happy, horny and excited but I tried to be slightly blasé about it. She asked if I was hard and I wasn’t (as the result of intense concentration). She wanted me to take off my shorts and jack off while watching the show.

In short order, she took over the masturbation duties and my cock, which was hard at the time, swelled even more. I watched her hand move over the shaft and it turned me on more than the full insertion on the screen in front of us. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to make me cum, but she nearly had me more than a few times. Only supreme effort kept me from busting it all over her hand. The excitement of my wife actually touching me was nearly out of control.

Then she asked me to move down on the bed. As I did, she undressed, and then mounted my face in the classic 69 position. I dove into her pussy with enthusiastic abandon. At the same time, I felt her mouth cover the head of my cock. What a shock and what a rush. The last time we were in this type of position, she stroked me a bit, but this time I was getting a full on blow job. She’s out of practice, but still it felt good. Meanwhile, I’m not out of practice and I did my best to play her pussy like the heavenly music I was hearing in my head. It was a combination of the moans on screen, her small whimpers and the wet sound of fingers working their way in and out of a hot snatch.

It didn’t take long for her orgasm to start and I did my best to continue it, licking her lips and clit while my fingertips massaged her G-spot. She alternately pulled away, then moved back to grind her pussy on my face. I was covered in her pussy cum and it tasted wonderful.

No, she didn’t finish sucking me. She lifted up, then lay on her back waiting for me to enter her, which I did. I don’t think I was disappointed that she didn’t make me cum with her mouth. It was more like I told myself that this was the first small step into getting her back to what I want. The temptation nearly overcame me to pull out and spray her pussy and belly with semen, but I held that in check as well. Small steps, I reminded myself.

And I’m starting to eat more pineapples. Perhaps I’m being optimistic.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Peters Picture of the Day

KICC, facing South

Weight: 247 pounds
Listening to: Say Yes by Floetry

Okay, keeping a diary is a little difficult during the holidays, but I'm finally through that. Actually, the problem is, since I do this from work, and we were away from work for a while, it makes it difficult to put anything into this form.

Not that there's much to report. I've slept with my wife, She Who Must Be Obeyed, maybe twice. She came well, including succombing to my oral attack. I did okay, but the lack of oral sex is really becoming a problem. I honestly can't remember off the top of my head the last time she's taken my cock into her mouth, even just to tease.

Okay, it's always just to tease. In the entire time I've known her, she's only finished a blowjob twice. Once making me cum with her hand and once in her mouth "just to see what it was like." Funny. One of my stated reasons for not wanting to get married (when I was single) was because the cocksucking stops. Here I am, second marriage, proving it to be true once again. Sometimes one tires of being right.

I've only talked to Marie a few times over the holidays because her kids were home and her husband's had some time off. She says she feels like a prisoner or a hostage because he's not the nicest guy in the world. We talked of missing each other's sex without much we can do about it. We vow to get together at the earliest possible opportunity.

And on the subject of vows, it's New Year's Resolution time. I should know better because this never works for me, as evidenced by last years try, but here we go again.
  1. Lose weight. I told myself if I could stay under 250 during the holidays, I'll have a chance. This time, though, I won't mention it to SWMBO who, last year, did her best to cook the fattiest, sugariest foods right after I mentioned my quest.
  2. More sex. I won't mention how I want porn star sex this year. As soon as I put that down, all the porn star sex I was previously having went away. I just want to cum this year.
  3. Better photography daily. There's a book called Photo du Jour where a photographer took pictures every single day of the year. They weren't all winners, but it put himself on the spot, forcing him to practice his craft every single day.

Those are the big ones. And I'm ever hopeful.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Peter's Picture of the Day

4th Street Pony

Listening to: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Yolanda Adams

As far as my weight listing, I figured that as long as I keep it under 250 for the holiday, I can start losing after January 1st, if I make it that far. I’m still batting .1000 with She Who Must Be Obeyed and Marie got sick on our appointed meeting date. Sigh. Such is sex.

The ex looked good last night. I was dropping off my oldest with her and she had just come out of the shower and her man was conveniently gone. She wasn’t wearing anything too revealing, but it was made of satin and was short. I hadn’t realized how much weight she had picked up recently but it showed in this nightie. Didn’t matter. She still looked good.

But when I was leaving, she wanted to discuss some parenting stuff with me and went outside with me to the porch. The chill in the air instantly stiffened her nipples and I took notice, as evidenced by my stiffening cock. She blah-blahed some more and I had to excuse myself. “I gotta go. Your tits are looking too good.”

She blushed a bit and went back into the house. The ride home was filled with thoughts of her huge pink areolas and tiny stiff nipples. She never let me fuck her tits as much as I wanted to, but my imagination drifted back to times when my cock was buried in there, thrusting back and forth until I pulled it out and finished by covering her breasts in semen.

While we were married, she wasn’t so much into things like that. We didn’t get into things further than clinical sex until we divorced. During those days, she enjoyed showing me Polaroids of her naked or her on her knees, sucking her date’s cocks. It was an effort to show me that she was better off without me or something, but what it did was turn me on. Some of those days when she would “torture” me, she would take pity and help me with the relief part. Hell, she blew me more then than when we were together.

The first time I came on her face was classic. She was on her knees sucking my cock and telling me how I compared favorably in size to most of her men. In her new bedroom, the mirrors were large and all along one wall so I watched in astonishment as her tits bounced while she sucked. I had never seen that before and it was really getting me worked up.

I told her she was going to make me cum so she took my cock out of her mouth and continued to jack me off, moving her chest closer to catch the sperm. I hadn’t told her that I had learned a way to shoot because my current partner said she enjoyed that. My ex, expecting a little shot, followed by dripping sperm had her face close and squeezed her tits together with her arms. When I came, the first shot hit her forehead and snaked down the right side of her nose. The second splashed against her cheek and the third across her lips. The rest landed where she expected it. Looking down at her, I thanked the book (whichever it was) and the muscles I had been exercising.

“You never came on my face before,” she said.


“Kinda nice.”

“Looks hot,” I said.

Hopefully, she’ll break up with her boyfriend sometime in the near future. After checking her out last night, I realize I’d like some “kinda nice” again.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Peter's Picture of the Day

Autumn Color in Downtown

Listening to: 5 Guys Named Moe by Louis Jordan

Tried to get into She Who Must Be Obeyed’s panties last night. No luck. She said she was feeling bad and just wanted to go to sleep. A far cry from the last few nights when she was feeling restless and didn’t want to come to bed when I did. I tried not to let my sigh sound quite as defeated as I felt.

This morning, I talked to Marie and we have a tentative date to meet tomorrow. It will feel good to fuck her, if I get the chance. I’m feeling in an aggressive mood and I told her that more likely she will be less my partner and more my bitch. She will be used for my pleasure. She will be fucked hard, she will suck me longer than normal and I will either fuck her mouth until I cum or I will use her ass as the orgasm receiver.

It all seemed to rather turn her on. We’ve gone that route before in a bit of a role playing mood and she was good with it. She likes things naughty and the talk nasty, but she sometimes has trouble keeping the nasty talk from spilling over into her rational mind. The first time I told her she was a good cocksucker, she thought I was being derogatory and that was far from the truth.

Same thing when I called her a cum slut the first time. I see them as sexual terms of endearment but she wasn’t so sure at first. That’s why I’ve got to watch myself when it comes to terms like “bitch.” I never use that word to describe a woman, unless we’re naked and fucking. Then it’s a supreme term of endearment. If we were dressed and having dinner, I would say “sweetheart” or “my darling” but when my cock is buried in you, “bitch” is one of the sexiest things I can call you. It means I’m lost in the moment and I’m lost in you.

I see “slut” and “whore” the same way: never during daytime activities, hot as hell during sex.

Sigh. I hate it when sex has consequences.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Peter's Picture of the Day

4th & Oak

Weight: 244 pounds (okay, at least it’s going down again)
Listening to: Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cats

We’re still walking on eggshells over her oldest and his recent diagnosis. A positive development, at least I think, is the fact that his father came and picked him up and spent a little time with him. When they came back home, I could sense tension, but every little step in the right direction counts, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, She Who Must Be Obeyed is on a shopping spree fueled by her mother’s credit card. I don’t know what kind of deal they struck, but she’s spending my money and her mother’s, too. Makes me feel better about my recent deception.

Not really a deception, I guess. It’s more like something I haven’t shared yet. About a month ago, my day job gave me a thousand dollar bonus for signing a new contract. Instead of bringing that money home, I went out and bought some new camera gear. SWMBO has a problem with my photography business as it is and I know that’s going to be a big blow up eventually, but the longer I can put it off, the better for me.

She calls it a hobby and tells everybody that it’s just a hobby, but I have a plan for finally turning a profit with it which was contingent on my buying the new gear. Now that I have it, I can put that plan in motion. I figure I have to make a believer out of her first before I can say, “Oh, by the way, I bought some stuff with my bonus before you could spend it all on your hair and nails.”

Otherwise, things are going okay. Marie and I haven’t been able to get together, but she’s written me some e-mails on the sex she’s having with her husband, which is turning me on. In the last two weeks, he’s cum in her mouth, fucked her in the ass (he was drunk and says it was an accident) and taken some pictures, which he has since deleted. That’s a problem because Marie was going to send them to me, including one of my requests: her sucking his cock. That harkens back to my swinger days when I was with Angel.

We got along fine and all and our sex was great, but it turned me on to see her with other people. It was like I was proud of showing off my girl or something. We dipped our toe in it at first, attending a swinger party. It was fun and she danced with some of the guys, who couldn’t keep their hands off her ass on the dance floor, just like all the other guys dancing with all the other girls.

Our second or third trip, we decided to continue with a private party with the DJ and his girl. We went home with them and they kept drinking while Angel and I sat on the opposite love seat and started making out. After a while, we looked up and they were making out and we all decided to go to the bedroom. We were all naked in seconds with Angel sucking my cock and the other girl sucking her man.

He couldn’t wait and they started fucking while I took my time licking Angel’s clit before we went at it full bore. After a bit he took a break because the alcohol was getting to him. I switched positions with Angel so that she was on her back, I was on my side slamming into her and the other young lady was on her back with my tongue in her snatch. When the came at the same time, the DJ yelled “Superman!”

We continued in various configurations for 2 more hours, ending with the lady between Angel’s legs, introducing her to the softer ways a woman treats a pussy. What a hot sight, seeing an attractive girl licking snatch. It was nearly too much for me. I put my cock in Angel’s mouth and she sucked hungrily. Then the DJ put his dick up to her face and she sucked him with an equal hunger. He couldn’t hold back and came for her. She opened her mouth and stroked him, making a mess of the cum because she knew how hot I thought it would be.

Then she turned back to my cock and it didn’t take her long before I was blasting stream after stream of the hot, creamy semen. She rubbed all of it on her face and was about to start pushing some into her mouth when she started cumming on the lady friend’s face. I didn’t mention she was a squirter, which took the friend by surprise, but it was a surprise in a good way. Angel moaned for what seemed like forever as the orgasm twisted through her body.

The sight kept my cock hard. My girl with two loads of cum on her face and the other girl with my girls cum on her face. The girls came together to kiss and I couldn’t help myself, fucking the other girl doggy style while her man spanked her ass and told her what kind of slut she was behaving like.

Long live sluts!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Peter's Picture of the Day

The Benches at Aegon Center

Weight: 248 (are you kidding, again?)
Listening to: Scars by Papa Roach

She caught me masturbating last night. She is She Who Must Be Obeyed, my wife. By the time she knew what I was doing, I was too far gone to stop so I was way past shame. In her sleepy haze she asked what I was doing. I demurred, instead concentrating on the stroking.

She then said, “Why didn’t you just roll me over and do me.”

“I tried.” That was true.

She rolled over and told me to undress her. I took her panties off and kissed my way down her body. I knew what she wanted and in my heightened state of horny, I provided, circling my tongue around and between her pussy lips while stroking her thighs. My tongue played over her clit without directly coming into contact with it, making her moan for it.

Then I snaked my finger into her pussy, turning upward to stroke her g-spot. I continued teasing her lips while varying the pressure on her g-region (by the way, guys, it’s more like 1 o’clock than straight up noon, if you know what I mean). I felt her hand in my hair, guiding me to where she wanted to be licked.

Ever since I learned the g-spot massage, it doesn’t take nearly as long for her to cum and in a few minutes, she was shaking with orgasm as her pussy walls contracted as if trying to expel my finger. Instead of letting that happen, I continued to massage her spot until her climax faded.

As she recovered, I kissed my way back up her body until I was nuzzling her neck. At the same time, my rigid cock pushed into her and we began to fuck her way. This is the worship pattern she’s fallen into whenever I am graced with her sexual presence. I tried to continue it her way, but the masturbation from earlier made me want what I wanted.

And since I knew a blowjob was out of the question, I told her, “Turn your pretty ass over. I want to watch your ass when I cum.” She did as she was ordered, even though there was a hint of reluctance. I re-entered her pussy doggy-style and re-established my rhythm. My abdomen slapped against her ass with every stroke, making me fuck even harder because it turned me on.

At the same time, I took my thumb and collected some of her lubrication from my cock and proceeded to slide that digit into her ass. The resistance was tremendous, but that was okay. I had no intention on making this an anal session. That was done mostly to remind her that it’s still in my mind. However, fucking her doggy-style with my thumb in her ass was too much for me to hold back on. I shot stream after stream of cum into her, coating her insides with hot semen. I could see it mingle with her pussy fluid making an intriguing mixture of juices.

Slowly, my orgasm subsided and she eased herself down on the bed. For some reason, she’s self conscious about pussy farts and if air gets inside her, that’s how it comes out. I used to think such modesty was cute, but now I’m like, “Come on. It’s me. We fuck. It happens.” I can’t seem to make her think it’s just a normal part of sex.

On the other hand, I was having sex with her. I should be happy with just that fact.

And I am. But my cock needs mouth soon or I’m going to go crazy.

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